Unique & Uncommon

Unique & Uncommon Hvar

Seasonal activity, for the small groups with min 4 people with an island brunch/supper included! Did you know that a small village on Hvar which until recently had a population of just five people was once the centre of lavender production for all Dalmatia? Or that just 50 years ago, this fragrant island accounted…

half­-day program

Can there be a safer, healthier and more natural tour than this? From the island where the art of fingerprinting (dactyloscopy) was discovered, immerse yourself in organic olive groves on Europe's sunniest island, whose outstanding views will last longer than your personally fingerprinted souvenir bottle of award-winning olive oil

half-day program

Mediterranean coral has been a traditional part of the region’s historical and religious heritage for millennia. Imbued with magical powers, coral legends abound with tales of hate and spells, of miraculous curative powers and more. Croatia’s most talented coral Jewel artists live and work right here on Hvar. Their boutique-gallery within…

half­-day program