Island Hvar Olive Adventure – pick Your own, make your own

Island Hvar Olive Adventure

– pick Your own, make your own

Can there be a safer, healthier and more natural tour than this? From the island where the art of fingerprinting (dactylosocopy) was discovered, immerse yourself in  organic olive groves on Europe’s sunniest island, whose outstanding views will last longer than your personally fingerprinted souvenir bottle of award-winning olive oil.


Please note that this tour is only available during the olive-picking season, which runs from late September until the end of November.

We will collect you directly from your villa, boat or hotel, then drive you the short distance to one of Hvar’s most picturesque olive groves. We operate three olive groves in total, all of which offer breathtaking views and a total immersion in Nature. The olive groves are between 5-25 minutes away, and the choice of which depends on the current harvest status.

Before learning the ropes of one of the oldest Dalmatian family traditions, it is necessary to warm up a little with a quick local and natural island ‘rakija’, or grappa. Hvar has an excellent range of flavoured natural and healthy rakijas, made from sage, honey and various herbs.

Your guide will then explain a little about the history of olive picking on Hvar, as well as the techniques used to pick this liquid gold, which has been an important part of the Hvar Mediterranean Diet for centuries, a diet which is now intangible UNESCO heritage. After this useful introduction, you will be supplied with the tools of the job and invited to start picking. This consists of just an apron with a kangaroo pocket by your stomach. Here you will place your plucked olives as you pick, before emptying them into a container when full.

How long you pick depends entirely on you. While it is not the most stressful of chores, there is a physical element to it. Others find it immensely relaxing to escape from the pressure of the world and be truly at one with Nature. It would help our planning for your perfect day to know your preferences in advance if possible.

One thing is certain – olive picking is thirsty helps work up a thirst and a healthy appetite. General picking times are between 1-3 hours, depending on your preference, after which it is time to relax and enjoy a picnic lunch in this idyllic spot. As you eat, the olives will begin their final journey to the olive mill which is located within the Milicic family home.

Fully refreshed after lunch, we will take you to the family mill, where you will learn about and witness the process of turning freshly-picked olives into extra virgin olive oil. After the oil is extracted, it will be bottled into (depending on the quantity picked) 0.5 litre bottles.

Your final task will be to label your own personal souvenir bottle with your own fingerprint. This is a nice reminder and homage to Hvar-born Ivan Vuctetic, who became the father of dactyloscopy when solving a crime in Argentina through a bloody fingerprint. Vucetic had emigrated from Hvar and became Juan Vucetich, whose fingerprinting discovery has made the world a safer place from criminals.

Your fingerprinted label is the perfect way to remember an unforgettable day in the safety and natural beauty of Hvar.

Meeting point

We will pick you up at your hotel, villa, private accommodation, where your boat is moored or meet you at one of our four tour booths in Hvar town. We will agree on this when the tour is booked.

Departure time

Mornings at 9:30 or 11:30; afternoons at 13:30 later makes no sense bcs of the earlier sunset time in September/October & November

End location

We will end this tour where you wish – at the marina, your hotel, villa or private accommodation. Just let us know


This is a half-day program, 4h aprox.

What’s included

The program as described, pick up, a nice lunch picnic with wine, beers, water and softs, refreshment  during the picking, personal finger print labeled bottle of 0,5lit of oil per person, return transfer to Hvar

What’s extra

Gratuities to guides and items purchased for personal use

Tour type

Gastronomy, cultural, for individuals, couples and families.

Transportation method

Comfortable air-conditioned 8 seat van or Toyota Land Cruiser or Nissan Patrol., Mercedes V-Klass or Viano luxury shuttle .

2 – 4

  • per person for whole tour

5 – 12

  • per person for whole tour

If your group is larger,  please ask us for a quote.

Once we receive your request, we will contact you as soon as possible for further information.

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