Sea Fun Activities

Sea Fun Activities

Hvar Tours offers a wide range of water sports, water toys and experiences to help make every day at the beach exciting and interesting. Our services include flyboard, banana, water bed, water-sking, wakeboarding, inner tube, sup paddle,…

Apart from being a gorgeous beach, nightlife and cultural destination, Hvar is the perfect destination for people looking to inject a little adrenaline into their relaxing holiday. At Hvar Tours, we offer the largest selection of water sports activities on the island. Examples of services provided include flyboarding, banana boats,  water beds, water-skiing, wakeboarding, inner tube, SUP paddling. If you have any specific additional requests, contact us and we will endeavour to make it happen.

All our activities can be booked online or in person at the Hvar Tours DMC office on the main square, or on the pier in front of Hotel Amfora (a great place to pick up a speedboat) or in the booth by the Amfora pool entrance. With your convenience our priority, we can arrange to bring our water ‘toys’ to a location which suits you, such as your yacht (if anchored near Hvar Town), to the marina or in front of Carpe Diem Beach.

Water ski

kn 375
  • 15 min for 1 person


kn 100
  • 10 min for min 3 persons

Water bed

kn 100
  • 10 min for min 3 persons

Snorkeling gear

kn 75
  • per person or 2 hours

Sun beds

kn 100
  • daily price


kn 500
  • daily price

Sun umbrella

kn 50
  • daily price

The sea, of course, dominates island life on Hvar, but while the majority head for a relaxing day at the beach, why not pump a little adrenaline into your vacation with the ultimate thrill by renting a jet ski? Head out into the open sea, take on the waves with the wind in your hair, and get your heart pumping while enjoying spectacular views of Hvar in the distance.

Your jet ski adventure begins with a speedboat transfer from our base pier in front of Hotel Amfora, from where you will be transferred to the designated area. PLEASE NOTE that jet skis cannot be driven anywhere at well, but only in a designated territory south of the Pakleni Islands. Jet skis can NOT be driven close to Hvar Town or through the Pakleni Islands themselves. This is illegal, despite what you may hear from less scrupulous providers, and if caught, you will be fined.

Each jet ski can accommodate two persons, and for additional fun, when not rent two or three with friends and surf the waves together?

Once we receive your request, we will contact you as soon as possible for further information.

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