Off Season Programs

Traditional Parangal (net) Fishing
(also available all year around)
Life on Hvar is synonymous with the sea itself. For the people of Hvar the sea drives their emotions, dictates their moods, and puts bread on their tables. On the island, fishing is a trade and art that has been passed from father to son for countless generations. This excursion gives those with a passion for fishing and/or the sea an opportunity to directly experience this tradition and way of life.
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Squid and Octopus Fishing
with lunch included
(September, October, November)

Autumn on Hvar is warm, clear and free of the hustle and bustle of the tourist season, which makes the months of September, October and November especially pleasant and tranquil. It also happens to be the perfect time of year for squid fishing in the Adriatic.
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Olive Harvest and Picnic lunch
(October, November, December)
Natives on Hvar regard the period starting at the end of October and going into the beginning of November as God’s chosen time. Why? It’s harvest time of course, and in particular it’s olive harvesting time. Whether you want to experience the harvest yourself or just observe, we invite you to join us for fresh fall air, picturesque scenery and an outstanding harvest picnic under the olive trees.
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Wine Harvest and Picnic lunch
(September, October)
Experience a centuries old tradition of Mediterranean grape harvest and picnic. As an educational adventure, this trip gives you the opportunity to participate in the harvest and the winemaking process.
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Lavender Harvest and Picnic lunch
(end of June, beginning of the July)
For centuries, Hvar has been known around ”the island of lavender”. This fragrant herb with extraordinary medicinal properties, grows in lush fields in some of the island’s most picturesque places.
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Island Culinary Picnic
(also available all year around)
Our island culinary picnic takes place at the olive oil grove house of one of the best olive oil producers in Croatia, Borivoj Bojanic’s Olive Oil Hvar. The extra virgin olive oil here is known as island green gold, and it’s famed for its subtle flavor and distinct piquant taste. All of the herbs and vegetables used in the preparation of your meal are just as special.
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Aromatic Gentle Walk and Picnic
with olive grove lunch
(April, May, June, October, November)

Join a local Hvar botanist as you stroll through the island’s lush hills and valleys. Along the way, he will impart his botanical knowledge, give you some interesting anecdotes, help you gather a variety of herbs and introduce you to a new world of aromatic wonders.
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